BANC D.sign

A slatted cover that converts to genuine outdoor furniture.


Its sober lines blend perfectly into the pool environment.

Made from wood and metal, its finishes are outstanding and its dimensions controlled.
2 versions along with a wide choice of options for multiple combinations.
Its structure facilitates its installation and maintenance.

2 new colors ...

...Celsius Liners


High quality, a reference for modern pools.

To be perfectly in line with your outside space design and decoration trends.

Electrolysis vessels

New products


What specifically changes:

• Clear vessel providing a view of chlorine production.
• L or T vessel for easier installation on the hydraulic circuit.
• Built-in deflector for even production. The water flow is spread over the entire plate surface area.
• Nut assembly for easier installation.
• Diameter 50 and 63 mm offset connection for easier installation.
• Electrode fail-safe forcing installation in the right direction and aligned with the water flow.
• Accessory holders to simply adapt injectors, pH sensors, redox sensors, flow detectors, analysis chamber connections, Pool-earth.


New products


New electrodes for unrivalled effectiveness:

• Dual pole electrodes
• Wider ranger adapted to pool volumes
• Salt level 4 grammes per litre
• Built-in fail safe for correct electrode positioning

• New 25 m3 electrode specially designed for small pools • Connection technology protected from corrosion for outdoor installation

Selfeex safety fixings

Safety without constraints or compromise


Selfeex is an automatic submerged cover locking system that operates mechanically.

It requires no manual interventions, so no risk of forgetting or improper operation!
• Mechanical STRENGTH and corrosion resistance.
• STAND-ALONE, no manual interventions required.
• ADAPTABLE to existing submerged covers, at different width positions and variable water levels.

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After sales video tutorials

The ideal support to guide you in your interventions


Simple, clear and practical. Check them out in your Nextpool PRO AREA.

Abriblue makes available its “Malfunction test guides” available in video format for the different cover models.
Go to:
› PRO Area
› “Abriblue” tab
› “Advice and assistance” section

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Bar covers



Removable unrolling strap

Once the bar cover has been deployed, the strap can be stored.